PROF Training BV, Offers clients worldwide, a variety of training and consulting solutions, for public and private sectors. Using extensive experience accumulated over the years by our professional team of instructors and core orientated management, the company provides military/ police and security units ways to enhance their tactical abilities and performance. We believe that working closely with our clients, providing them with the latest knowledge and programs, tailor made consulting solutions, highly trained personnel, reliability and confidentiality, they will increase their unit’s potential and success rate, saving lives and win the war on crime and terror.

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Combining experience and knowledge, we are able to assemble the perfect team for any task. Our professional instructors provide high-end training programs an courses in a variety of applications. From small groups up to entire platoons we provide a custom made solutions by working closely with our clients.

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Our combined years of military and law enforcement experience enables us to find the right people for any course and provide them with all the support and tools needed.

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